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 welcome to your first auction

The following information may be given to you at our auction.  Please ask the clerk for an information card.


If you are a first-time attendee at an auction, you may have questions! 
This information card is designed to help you get through your first auction experience with positive results.

Register With The Clerk as soon as you arrive at the auction.  You will be asked to show your driver's license for ID purposes.  The clerk will record your personal information and give you a bidder's number in return.   At our auctions, you must register at each sale you attend.  Most of our clerks use a computerized registration, while others will register you manually.

The Auction Talk is one of the most identifiable features of an auction.  In its simplest form, the rapid-fire, quick-cadence combination of numbers, words and sounds is the auctioneer's way of communicating with you.  Because the auctioneer's job is to sell the most amount of property quickly, the chant is frequently fast.    

Raise your hand or show your bidder's card, indicating that you are interested in the current item being bid on.  Once the auctioneer's hammer goes down signaling the end of the bidding, the buyer with the highest bid acquires the item. 

Multiple Items are sometimes sold to the highest bidder, times the number of items.  It is important to listen to the instructions being given by the auctioneer from the auction block.  Throughout the auction, the auctioneer will advise you that a particular item will be sold, for example, "times three", meaning that your bid amount is for each of the three items being sold at the time.   So a bid of $5 per item means a total purchase price of $15.

Multiple Items are also sold for "one price", meaning the three items being sold (as in the above example), will go to the highest bidder.  Your bid of $5 means a total purchase price of $5.  Again, LISTEN TO THE AUCTIONEER!

Acquired Items:  After the items are declared "sold" they become the Buyer's.  It is the Buyer's responsibility to secure the items, pay for them, and remove them from the auction site.

You Can Leave The Auction At Any Time: You do not need to wait until the auction is over to settle your purchases with our clerk, unless it is an industrial auction where payment and removal happen at the conclusion of the auction.   As you purchase items, they are charged to your bidder number.  When you are ready to leave, see the clerk to pay your bill.

If an item is missed, we will bill you after the sale.  We ask, though, that you try to keep track of your purchases so that transactions can be completed in full on sale day.

Payment Terms are outlined on your Bidder's Card.  All purchases are to be paid in full on sale day.  Depending on the type of Auction we accept cash, certified check, bank letter guaranteeing your check, personal check, MasterCard and Visa.  You do not need to show your ID again if you are writing a check - this information was taken when you first registered.

Sales Tax Is Charged on all purchases.  If you hold a valid Sales Tax exemption certificate and are registered with our company, we will tax-exempt your purchases.  You may complete a Blanket Certificate of Exemption at the sale with the clerk.  For our records, you will need to submit a copy of your current Sales Tax exemption certificate before we can add you to our list of exempted buyers.

Questions or comments?  Write, call or email us at....

Stanley J. Paine Auctioneers
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